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Katie Price shows off her downgraded boobs.

Because small is the new big.

Katie Price, 36, has decided that her inflated assets (and by that, we’re talking about her boobs) are a thing of the past. The model underwent surgery to remove her implants and she couldn’t be happier with her new found freedom.

And she’s even shared a picture of newly improved chest on her Twitter account to prove it.

“Love having my natural boobs love how my body feels… Finally going back to natural,” Katie captioned the image.

Katie Price's new and improved chest.

Katie had implants put in at the beginning of her career, when she was formerly know as Jordan in 1998. Her recent surgery is said to have reduced her chest from an ample 32FF to a more natural 32B, much like when she first began modelling.

Following her surgery, a friend told The Sun, "It’s been pretty traumatic for Katie. She’s been saying she’s been left with spaniels’ ears and terrible scars. It’s upsetting because she went through a lot of pain and was really excited about her new chest size. She’s wearing chicken fillets to fill out what used to be there."

Katie Price with her implants.

Katie's faulty implant was brought to light when she went into the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK during January.

Just after the show ended, fellow housemate Katie Hopkins told The Daily Mirror, "She just lay there holding her boob, which was falling out and stank of dead people. It was fetid. The surgeon came in three times to look at her and she was on huge amounts of antibiotics. It was just bonkers. Her relationship with her boobs is off the scale bonkers."

Katie Price when she left Celebrity Big Brother.

The mother-of-five announced she would be having her seventh breast operation in October of last year and joked she might sell her old implants on eBay.

"We should sell these implants for charity. I've got more pairs in the safe. You could have these very breasts right from inside me in a few weeks," she said.

If they do actually smell like "dead people" we're pretty sure no one would want them anyway, Katie.

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