Katherine Heigl's new 'do is all kinds of '80s fabulous.

Actress Katherine Heigl isn’t afraid to experiment with her hair. Over the years she’s ticked off brunette hair, bright red hair, long hair and a platinum lob (long bob, for the uninitiated).

Her latest change? It’s, well, very ’80s. So ’80s in fact, that we thought it might be a throwback photo rather than the real deal. (We checked, guys, it’s legitimate.)

The 37 year old is sporting a darker, super-short back and curly on top ‘do that wouldn’t be out of place in any 1987 yearbook.

The bouffant is back... maybe. Image: Paramount Pictures.


The question must be asked: could the bouffant look be making a comeback?

Heigl seems to think so. There's texture. There's volume. There are lots of curls.


How does one celebrate a gloriously nostalgic 'do? By getting involved in the height of '80s sophistication, cocktails with the girls.

It appears the retro vibe ends with her hair, she overlooked a wonderfully kitsch tequila sunrise for something a little more modern. No word yet on whether it was served by Tom Cruise circa his '88 Cocktail days.


Feature image: Getty.

What classic '80s trend would you like to see make a comeback?