Two of Australia's funniest women just got their own show on the ABC.

The Katering Show has gone from YouTube hit to ABC iview show.

The comedy duo who famously reviewed the Thermomix and hilariously quit sugar are back. Big time.

Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney have announced they will be on our screens next year with a second season of their series The Katering Show.

In a video announcement (see it below), the margarita-swilling duo said the show will be available on ABC’s iview from April 2016.

Video via Lead Balloon TV

“Guys, that is only five months away! That is so, so soonish,” McLennan says.

The Kates told Mamamia they’re optimistic yet strapped for time — they’re both new mums. McLennan’s eight-week-old is demanding most of her waking hours and all of her breasts.

Things are likely to get a lot more hectic for both Kates in 2016 as they’re in the process of creating a new pilot TV show for the ABC.

New mums: the Kates McLennan and McCartney.

The intolerable foodie and her food-intolerant mate reckon this season of The Katering Show is going to be even better than the last.

“We’ve got more money, so theoretically it should be even better,” McCartney promises.

“It has to be better, otherwise the internet will crush us,” McLennan responds.

“We’re actually very, very worried,” McCartney confides.

“Yes, I’m drinking a lot,” McLennan says.

No pressure, ladies.

“But we’ve signed a contract, so we’ll see you in April 2016,” McCartney says.

Happy days.

Watch what happened when The Katering Show quit sugar…

Video via Lead Balloon TV