The adorable reason Kate Ritchie's daughter is annoyed with her.

It’s tough having a mum who’s a successful businesswoman.

In fact, it’s tough having a mum who has any outside interests whatsoever.

That’s the lesson Kate Ritchie‘s daughter Mae learnt today, when her mum read aloud from her new children’s book “I Just Couldn’t Wait To Meet You”.

Little Mae was understandably a little miffed when she saw her mum reading to OTHER KIDS – and she approached her during the reading to let it be known.

Or to “stand guard” in the front row, as Richie described it on Instagram.

Mae clearly has her mother’s determination – although, with the book’s popularity growing, it might not be the last time she’s forced to intervene at an event like this one…

Kate Ritchie has done nothing wrong (except maybe in the outraged eyes of her daughter), but no mum is perfect. Watch the Mamamia Team confess to the times they felt like bad mums…