Kate Ritchie's Christmas baking efforts sound an awful lot like our own.

There’s nothing more frustrating than than finding yourself down a key ingredient at a crucial juncture in the baking process, as Kate Ritchie reminded us while baking her annual Christmas cake yesterday.

The 38-year-old radio host was already well on her way – she’d lined her cake tin and posted a snap of it on social media – by the time she realised she was out of cocoa.

“Up there with one of the most annoying jobs in the world,” she captioned the photo of the impeccable tin on her Instagram account at around 10am.

It was another four hours before the former Home and Away star could present her fans with the almost finished product, assumedly after popping down to the shops.


Along the way Ritchie also managed to break her electric mixing bowl, which is likely to be a cause of ongoing annoyance for the somewhat prolific baker who has been an ambassador for the Red Cross’ Big Cake Bake fundraiser since 2012.

“My electric mixer broke and I didn’t have cocoa, but we got there in the end!” she captioned the photo of the oven ready cake when she finally managed to lay the last walnut.