These women just delivered the most romantic moment of the Rio Olympics.

Call us crazy, but with the 2016 Rio Olympics drawing to a close, we thought the pulling-at-heart-string moments were almost over.

But with Great Britain’s women hockey team winning gold overnight, we were proved wrong.

Speaking to media following their gruelling win against the Netherlands, captain Kate Richardson-Walsh spoke about how special it was to win gold with her teammate and wife, Helen Richardson-Walsh by her side.

The women's hockey team with their gold medals. Source: Team GB / Facebook.

“It is really special. To win an Olympic medal is special, to win an Olympic medal with your wife standing next to you, taking the penalty in the pressure moments is so special," she said.

"We will cherish this for the rest of our lives,” the 36-year-old continued.

Helen and Kate Richardson Walsh. Source: Helen Richardson Walsh / Instagram

The game was won by Great Britain following a tense shootout, in which Kate says her wife of three years excelled.

“I honestly felt the more the crowd booed, the more Helen was going to score. I know how that inspires her, the passion of wanting to prove others wrong and deliver.”

Having secured the gold and broken the Netherlands' winning streak, Kate announced her retirement, saying, “I retire as Olympic champion... it’s a good way to go out."

Helen, 34, also said she is likely to retire, explaining that there had been "many ups and downs" throughout the 17 years that she has been playing professionally. “It’s not been easy and it just shows that if you put your mind to it and dedicate your life to something you can make it happen.”

*Main image via Kate Richardson Walsh/Instagram.