Forget the Aussies' gift for George, everyone is trying to see Kate's belly.

Kate and Wills have their first public outing since those pregnancy rumours…

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Commonwealth games yesterday with Prince Harry. And while there were lots of distractions – everyone was trying to get a peek at her belly.

Nice placement of the Games pass Kate. Image via Getty

The outing was the first since the pregnancy rumours started going crazy - with everyone disappointed with the lack of a pregnancy announcement last week. But Kate tried everything to distract the obvious glares.

First, was her High Street outfit. The 'recycled' choice (always a headline grabber) is one we've seen before at sporting events like the Olympics in London and during her tour to New Zealand and Australia. Kate wore a double-breasted Zara blazer with J Brand skinny jeans and Stuart Weitzman navy wedges. While walking into the Games, Kate made sure to hold her purse over her belly.

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Second, was a Kangaroo (Australia to the rescue). Grant Irvine and Jessica Coroners from the Australian swim team approached the royal couple and presented them with the Australian Kangaroo mascot - which they posed with for a picture.

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And third, was some love from Wills, who seemed to not be able to get enough of his beautiful wife. During the events, he was seen joking with her, using her Games pass to fan her (and then him) and generally just be the loved up couple they always are.

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Either way, if she is or isn't pregnant, she was definitely glowing (and we doubt it was the summer heat).

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