How to pose for a really great passport photo. Step one: Be Kate Moss.

If you’re ever in need of a reminder that you are, most definitely, not a super model. It’s a good idea to check your passport photo.

That awful angle. The crime-against-humanity lighting. The photographer who is really a pharmacist, and the 15-person-line that you’ve just had to wait in, all conspire against you. Then, when you’re at your most vulnerable – maybe after a 15 hour flight – one look and it’s a reminder that you are definitely not catwalk material (nothing to do with your cheekbones, of course).

This is not the same for Kate Moss.

Photos of her sitting for her passport photo have emerged today via the Instagram of Snappy Snaps’ – her chosen passport photo outlet.

Except it does not look like she’s sitting for her passport photo. With her booted left leg hooked on the stool, her head tilted to the side and her cheekbones, as always, on point, Kate Moss looks (no surprises) like a supermodel. Even in her passport photo.

The event actually took place in 2012 the Telegraph says, but Snappy Snaps, the outlet in London's St John's Wood, only released the photo evidence today.

They did, however, point out the government would not have approved the instagrammed photo as a passport shot. It's not within the guidelines.

I can just imagine it:

Passport photographer: "We need your mouth shut, a neutral expression, your head straight on, no shadow, and no hair blocking your face."

Kate Moss: "Lady, I LIVE in front of the camera (and everyone's going to know who I am anyway). This passport pic is just for looks."

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