Kate Middleton's parents have been caught up in a "scary" Halloween costume kerfuffle.

A UK mum’s site released a list of “inappropriate” Halloween costumes – and Kate Middleton’s parents have been called out for stocking some of them.

Carole and Michael Middleton own a costume business called Party Pieces – in case you didn’t know. (Don’t worry, neither did we).

The pair have been singled out for costumes called ‘Midnight Mischief’ and ‘Headless Horseman’ – marketed to children as young as four.

(Image via Party Pieces.)

And while we think the Headless Horseman actually looks pretty cool, 95 per cent of the 1,006 parents surveyed by Channel Mum wouldn't let their child wear the costume, finding it to be inappropriate and scary, The Sun reports.

Which is completely reasonable, because we couldn't possibly have kids looking scary on Halloween...

Yes, parents should all be dressing their kids as Elsas and Ben Tens and focus on what Halloween is really all about - the lollies.

Meanwhile, 98 per cent of parents wouldn't let their children wear 'Midnight Mischief' claiming it sexualises young children. To be fair though, what makes the image more jarring is the amount of makeup the little girl wears in the accompanying photo.

What parents had a real problem with is a 'Burnt Zombie Child' costume available through another retailer - which they deemed to be extremely inappropriate in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy in which at least 18 children died.

Do you think Halloween costumes are getting too scary?