Kate Middleton played an unexpected role at Pippa's wedding: illustrator.

When you’re the Duchess of Cambridge, it’d be a hard task not to steal the spotlight from anyone, let alone your sister on her wedding day.

But always the picture of decorum, Kate Middleton found many a ways to contribute to sister Pippa’s wedding while ensuring the focus remained firmly on the bride.

Aside from fulfilling her role as the day’s official child minder (which, let’s be honest, looked like a full-time gig), Kate also found a meaningful way to add a personal touch to the proceedings.

Putting her artistic skills to use, the keen artist and History of Art graduate is responsible for the beautiful sketch on the front of Pippa’s service booklets.

(Image: Getty)

The sketch, which can be seen in groom Jame's mother's hand as his parents left the ceremony, is of the 12th century church the newlyweds got married in.

The couple loved it so much, it even got a mention in the groom's speech, with James thanking Kate for "such ability – a beautiful drawing of St Mark’s church in the order of service."

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