Kate Middleton leaves the house in a hoodie. World loses mind.

Well, this is unexpected.

Kate Middleton left the house wearing something other than complete Princess regalia.

The Duchess of Cambridge – who’s pregnant, in case you have been living in Siberia for the past few months – is very, very rarely seen in anything but utter sartorial prim perfection. We’re talking: pencil skirts, twin-sets, kitten heels and pea coats.

So you can imagine our shock when we saw her latest outfit included… a black hoodie.

Yes, she’s made hoodies fashionable.

All black everything. So chic, Kate M. Image via WPA Pool/Getty Images.

Just take a look. She wore that hoodie like no one else could. She has even made us want to dig out our old trackies and take them for a spin around the block. Maybe.

She pulls it off. Scout’s honour. Image via WPA Pool/Getty Images.

The Duchess wore her comfortable attire while visiting a scout colony and teaching the children about disability. She helped the kids ice a cake while wearing a blindfold, and cut some food with a boxing glove on her hand – all to show the scouts that disabled people can complete everyday activities just like anyone else.

Now, back to that hoodie, seeing the pictures not enough? Luckily for you, Clarence House posted a video of her wearing it. (Don’t worry, we watched it three times, too.)


We’re calling it now: This will be the biggest trend of 2015. Hoodie chic.

Click through the gallery below for more photos of The Duchess.