Kate Middleton visited Downton Abbey set, was adorably starstruck.

When real-life royalty meets fancy TV people.

Downton Abbey is known for many things – great outfits, fancy houses and lawns, and luring celebrities to visit their set.

First it was George Clooney, with a guest appearance that melted the hearts of Clooney lovers and Downton fans alike. And now, real-life royalty has mingled with the faux aristocrats.

The Duchess of Cambridge took her baby bump, wrapped it in a coat and visited the set of Downton Abbey on Thursday. And she looks so at home…

downton 1
Lady Mary Crawley, The Duchess and Mary’s TV son George. Image via Getty/Chris Jackson.

“It was a surreal and exciting experience to be at work and be visited by a member of the royal family,” said Laura Carmichael, who plays Lady Edith.


“She has watched the show and loves it and that’s really lovely.”

The Duchess visiting the kitchen. Image via Getty/Chris Jackson.

The Duchess spent two hours on set, mingling and watching the cast do their thing. She was apparently starstruck, which is the greatest thing we’ve ever heard.

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To top it off, the cast and the royal sat down and took a class photo to commemorate the visit. Awesome.

Poor Prince William, when he showed up on set no one really cared.

Class photo. LOOK how happy The Duchess is?

Click through the gallery below for more photos of The Duchess’s visit to Downton Abbey.