The one thing Kate Middleton has changed about her wardrobe since Meghan Markle came on the scene.

Something is going on with Kate Middleton’s wardrobe.

It’s different. Unusuuuual (for her). And we’re very much enjoying it.

The Duchess of Cambridge has just finished a royal tour of Sweden with Prince William and as well as caring very deeply about politics, climate change and other serious affairs, we can’t stop looking at pictures of her outfits.

Obviously because we love fashion, but ALSO because Kate’s style has changed since, well, Meghan Markle came on the scene. (Post continues after gallery.)


Her clothes are bolder. Brighter. More prints-ier. And we’re loving it.

Let’s be clear, though. This isn’t a dramatic makeover. She’s not suddenly wearing a hot pink mini or Yeezy. She is, after all, the future Queen of England, not to mention pregnant with her third child. There are some limits and the simple block coloured and carefully coordinated outfits are still making an appearance.

But true to her own style, Kate is taking a few more fashion risks – and they’re paying off.

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Particular attention must be given to her bright red herringbone coat from go-to designer Catherine Walker, which as well as giving off stylish ’60s vibes is also strikingly similar to a Moschino favourite of Princess Diana. Paired with tights, block heels and a little Chanel bag, the look was very Jackie O.

Also more adventurous was the mustard floral Erdem gown she wore to a black tie event.

Kate Middleton Royal Tour 20182
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at a Dinner given by the British Ambassador in Stockholm. Image: Getty

Anyone else getting very slight "Kim Kardashian sofa dress at the Met Gala" vibes? Anyone?

(On a side note, only she could inspire fashion comparisons to Princess Di, Jackie O and Kim K. That's why we love her.)

While the media are hungry for Meghan Markle news following her engagement to Prince Harry, Kate Middleton has been a little sidelined.

Image via Getty.

It's not a competition. Both are women in their own right, who find themselves in the position of being front and centre of an international spotlight thanks to their relationships with members of the Royal Family. As a result, people - us included - are going to closely follow what they do and yes, what they wear.

Middleton's latest outfits are a reminder of her style power and possibly a tactical move by her style team given Markle's more modern style. Or maybe it's just what she wants to wear.

Either way, one thing is for sure: we're going to be taking plenty of style inspiration from both for a long to come.