Forget the paparazzi, this is what Kate Middleton has to worry about when she gives birth.

kate middleton stalker

It’s scary.

As the April due date draws near, British police report that the Duchess of Cambridge may be in danger from an attack from ‘high risk’ fanatics.

220 of them in fact.

The Metropolitan Police’s former head of royal protection Dai Davies told Express events such as royal births and weddings increases the threat of royal stalkers. He said it was likely some individuals would become obsessed with Kate and the newborn baby. In fact, a specialist police unit are currently monitoring up to 220 ‘high risk’ stalkers in Britain in preparation of the royal birth as confirmed by the release of information under the Freedom of Information request made by the Daily Mirror.

There is no secrecy when it comes to where and when Kate will be giving birth – as we saw with the huge media crowds at the birth of Prince George.

“Prevention is one of the key areas because in about 70 per cent of cases where there have been attacks, the fixated person has indicated before the incident that they are going to do something,” Mr Davies said.

Police officers and psychiatric nurses are making visits to these ‘fixated persons’, checking on their welfare and whether they are taking their medication reports confirm.


The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC), which consists of 9 detectives, 3 nurses and a community support officer, will work to identity other potential fanatics online in order to protect the Duchess and her baby.

Surely this is the last thing Kate needs to add to her worries about giving birth.

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