We are on Kate Middleton's side.

Leave Kate alone.

Duchess Kate is pregnant with her second child. Yes, I know the whole world knows this.

What the whole world doesn’t know is that apparently (according to some people) she shouldn’t be.

Yesterday, well-known feminist commentator Germaine Greer slammed Kate for carrying baby number two.

Germaine Greer on QandA

Her exact words to Newsweek were, “[Kate] is vomiting her guts up and shouldn’t have been made to go through all this again so soon. It’s not so much that she has to be a womb, but she has to be a mother. I would hope after this one she says, ‘That’s it. No more’.” She also added that Kate is "too thin", blaming the Duchess' high-profile role for her weight loss.

That made me angry enough, but Germaine didn't stop at that...

“Kate is a great deal more intelligent than the rest of the royals. [She has a] bastard of a job. She has been put in charge of William. She cannot do or say anything spontaneous. She has learned what she has to do and say and how to do and say it in the approved way. Spontaneity will get her in trouble."

Okay, that's enough. Seriously, that is enough.

Kate is intelligent. And Kate is a little on the thin side. Other than that, back off, Greer.

Firstly, Kate is not just a royal womb. Yes, I'm sure she experienced pressure to fall pregnant. But guess what? So has every single married woman in the world. From the minute you say "I do", you're on baby watch. From the minute you give birth to baby number one, you're on second baby watch. And God forbid you don't have a boy AND girl. Because, you guessed it, you go back onto baby watch until you pop out child of the other gender. And you'll probably stay there until menopause.

Kate's last outing before finding out she was pregnant.

Secondly, just because she suffers from Hyperemesis gravidarum (a form of crippling morning sickness that affects two per cent of women), it doesn't mean she should never fall pregnant again. When we ran a story about Hyperemesis gravidarum, we had readers everywhere saying that they'd experienced it, too. Being an independent woman with the ability to choose her own path, means Kate has every right to opt to have a second baby, even if it does result in her vomiting 30 times a day.

Oh, and just for the record, the odds are that she is going to try for a third (because that is what her and William want according to insiders).

As for being 'put in charge' of William. Well, Kate lucked out there. Of all the royals to be 'put in charge of' I would pick William each and every time. I mean look at the other royals. You have Prince Phillip, who comes out with some cringe-worthy lines - poor Queen. You have Prince Charles who, everyone remembers as the one who left much-loved Princess Di - poor Camilla. And then you have Prince Harry, who know, plays 'Where are my pants?' after a couple of beers.


And yes, Kate does have to act a 'certain way' as a royal. She had to drop her hemline. She can't tell the crowds who gather for her about how funny it is when Prince Harry plays 'Where are my pants?'. But that comes with the job (and yes, it's a job). Just like any job, there are certain things you can and can't do. And when she's in the public eye, she is working.

As we know from the paparazzi who get sneaky off-duty shot of her, when she isn't 'on' she's a dorky mother who wears sneakers with jeans and gives little George piggyback rides. And a dorky wife who skips while walking hand-in-hand with her husband.

So, to everyone who thinks they know don't.

And yes, I don't either. But at least I stand up for her when she can't speak for herself.

Because you know, it's not allowed in her job.

Until Kate is well, here are the best looks she wore while pregnant with George.  


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