Kate Middleton has undergone a serious chop (read: at least 10 cms).

Image: Getty.

Public service announcement: Kate Middleton has chopped off all her hair.

OK, so it’s not quite that drastic – but in royal terms a major cut like this is the equivalent of regular folk dyeing their hair bright blue.

After what feels like years of little to no variations with her hairstyle other than the addition of long bangs, the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out at a charity function with significantly shorter hair – and it looks every bit as regal as you’d expect.

The royal new 'do. Image: Getty.


It's not quite the lob we'd been hoping for, but it's pretty bloody magnificent nonetheless. While the colour appears to have remained the same - and let's not ignore that enviable shine either - our favourite royal looks to have chopped off around three inches.

Who knows what's next. An undercut? Cornrows? (Post continues after gallery.)

Emma Watson

British actress Emma Watson also paid a visit to her hairdresser recently.


IIt's not as dramatic as her pixie cut, but we think Hermione would approve nonetheless.

Megan Gale

Megan Gale also had a date with some scissors recently.

In between the hair, makeup and outfit prep for the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Art Awards (AACTA) red carpet last night, the 40 year old managed to squeeze in a haircut.

Image: Instagram (@megankgale)


"I wish I could say I just roll out of bed looking like this or that it takes me five mins to throw a look like this together but alas no - in fact far from it. It takes the time and talent of several people and I always like to thank the crew behind the scenes who work hard to make me feel fab," she wrote on Instagram before crediting Travis Balke for the "seriously cool chop". (Post continues after gallery.)

Which is your favourite for hair of the day?