STYLE: The Duchess of Cambridge is showing Royal Upper Thigh.


Do you remember earlier this year when the Royal Queen asked Royal Kate to show a bit less Royal Leg at Royal Engagements?

Lizzie (or Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II) gave Kate (or the Duchess of Cambridge) a memo asking her to wear “lower hemlines” and “statement jewellery and gemstones from the Queen’s personal collection.”

For a short while, she gave us a bit of this:


That hemline is probably juuuust long enough to please the Queen.

But it looks like Kate’s now given the Queen’s rules the Royal Thumbs Down.


The Duchess has stepped out to a few royal engagements since announcing her pregnancy, and she looks sexier than ever. Shorter hemlines, lower necklines.


And she still looks as classy as… a classroom? Very classy, anyway.

And with legs like that, why not?




She was also “encouraged to wear the tiaras favored by the Queen and Queen Mother.” Fortunately (well, we are maybe a little disappointed…) we aren’t seeing many of them either.

Apparently, Kate has a new stylist encouraging her to take risks. Vanity Fair reports that 27-year-old Natasha Archer started out as personal assistant at Kensington Palace, and has bumped up to helping Kate shop for some more glamorous dresses.

Keep it up, Kate. You are doing royalty right.


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