Kate Middleton wore a second dress on her wedding day, and everyone forgot about it.

More than six years on from the wedding that stopped the world in its tracks, it seems we still won’t forget, or stop talking about, the royal wedding of Kate and Wills.

So much so, when the internet realised the Duchess of Cambridge had a second wedding dress that slipped, remarkably, under the radar, they made sure we started talking about it, and the wedding, again. Six years on.

Now that’s a feat.

Image: Getty.

After the wedding, the Duchess of Cambridge slipped into another dress for her second wedding reception, held in the evening. Designed by Sarah Burton, who was also the brains behind her first dress, this one was far more subtle, and even came with a stunning cardigan.

The Duchess wasn't the only one to change her attire, with all wedding guests expected to switch to their evening clothes for the reception.

The Strategic Dress Codes Of Kate and Wills. Post continues.

So why don't we ever hear about? Was it just not as popular? Did the royal family intend to keep this one a little more private?

Arguably, it simply comes down to the wealth of photos. There just aren't that many photos of the Duchess in this dress, and so, less people know about it.

But now you do, so you can go back to your life.