The way Duchess Kate changes her appearance right before she announces her pregnancies.

There’s some very serious investigative journalism happening right now.

As you may be aware The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced on Monday that they’re expecting their third child. The world then went a little bonkers.

That same day Kate Proctor, a political journalist from the London Evening Standard, shared a little theory on Twitter.

Proctor and her friends believe every time Middleton (Kate the Princess, not Kate the journalist) is about to announce her pregnancy she gets a new hairdo.

Yep, this is a very serious hair-vestigation.


Proctor says Middleton does this so people concentrate on her head instead of her belly.

This then led to a full investigative report from Business Insider (yep, Business Insider) and we have to admit that when you run the numbers, it does kind of add up.

On November 27, 2012, the Duchess attended the opening of The Natural History Museum’s Treasures Gallery with a… a… fringe.

kate middleton pregnancy clue
YES I HAVE A FRINGE. Image via Getty.

Just three days later, Kate and Wills announced she was pregnant with their first child, Prince George.

In August 2014 Kate wore a hat... A HAT. The Princess was spotted wearing a hat with her hair swept to the side less than a month before Kensington Palace announced her second pregnancy with Princess Charlotte.


kate middleton pregnancy clue
A HAT. Image via Getty.

And just a few weeks ago at Wimbledon, Duchess Kate turned up with slightly shorter hair. Yep, she'd had a trim. Some have even gone as far as to call it a lob (a long bob for those of you playing along at home).


And then on Monday, she announced her third pregnancy.

kate middleton pregnancy clue

So there you have it... a fringe, a hat, and some slightly shorter hair. It's a full on hairspiracy.

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