3 reasons why Kate Middleton isn’t your average Royal.

Kate Middleton in checks
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge






Kate Middleton or Catherine Duchess of Cambridge as she is known these days, is living proof that fairytales can come true.

She married Prince William in 2011, will one day become the Queen of England and has one of the best wardrobes we have ever seen.


Not since Princess Diana has a member of the Royal Family caught our attention as much as Catherine Kate. In many ways she has made the Royal family relevant again.

From her affordable High Street fashion, to the fact that she cooks for herself and William, loves playing hockey, is honest and was once a ‘commoner’ have made her approachable to the public in more ways than one.

Having graduated in 2005 with a degree in Art History from the prestigious St Andrews University in Scotland, Kate went on to work for her families business Party Pieces as well as a part-time buyer for clothing company Jigsaw Junior.

During this period Kate and William’s relationship was under scrutiny by the English media – people wanted to know if they were on, or if they were off. Because of this she earned the nickname ‘Waity Katie’ by the British tabloids, as according to them she was just working for her parents and waiting for Prince William to marry her. Five years later, in 2010, the couple were engaged, and Kate was on her way to becoming blue blooded Royalty.

Two billion people tuned in to watch the Royal Wedding a year later, and since that moment Kate’s popularity has sky-rocketed. Case in point – in 2012 she was listed in Time Magazine’s 100 most Influential People.

In January 2013, Kate and William announced that they were expecting a baby – and now the world is watching to not only see what sex the royal baby will be, but how Kate will make the transition from High Street fashionista to mother.

3 reasons why Kate isn’t your average Royal

1. Stuff having a chef, Kate prefers to cook her own meals.

2. She’s the oldest Bride in the Royal family.

3. Kate and Prince William lived together before they were married – something that is usually taboo in the Royal family.



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