So, why is Kate Middleton so incredibly sick?

On September 4, 2017, it was announced Kate Middleton was pregnant with baby number three.  This is a resurfaced post from 2014, when she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte. 

Kate is in the midst of Round 2 of intense morning sickness.

Just in case you decided that last night was your no-technology night, Kate is pregnant.

And no, this isn’t another one of those she-had-a-big-meal pregnancy announcements. Clarence House confirmed that William and Kate are expecting baby number 2.

And if it wasn’t for Kate suffering from acute morning sickness (again), and not being able to make a work commitment, we all still would be guessing whether that is a bump or a big meal.

But she is pregnant. And, according to the officials, is very very sick.

So is she really that sick? I mean, almost every woman who falls pregnant gets morning sickness of some sort – so why is it so different for Kate?

Well, Kate doesn’t just have a slightly nauseous feeling that makes her want to run to the loo at the smell of bananas (but can eat a jar of gherkins in one sitting). What Kate has only affects a very small number of pregnant women (we are talking single-digits percentages) and can be quite dangerous.

The last outing with a visible bump. Image via Getty.

"As with her first pregnancy, The Duchess is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum," announced Clarence House on twitter.

Without getting the medical text book out, Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a pregnancy complication with symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. Some say that it could be as severe as vomiting 30 times a day. The complications are malnutrition and other serious complications could affect the mum and foetus if not treated.  


While Kate had this the first time around with Prince George, and had to stay 3 nights in King Edward VII hospital with a drip to re-hydrate, the second time they reacted quickly when it first started.

So instead of being rushed to the hospital, the Queen's surgeon-gynaecologist Alan Farthing and obstetrician Guy Thorpe-Beeston headed to Kensington Palace to care for Kate in her Kensington Palace home. Avoiding the glare of the world. And the media circus camping outside the hospital.

While William was out on an engagement to Oxford that Kate missed he said, "She’s feeling okay thanks. It’s been a tricky few days, a week or so, but basically we are thrilled, it’s great news. Early days, we are hoping things just settle down and she feels better. I’m going to go and look after her now." William is hoping that the acute morning sickness will be like last time, and over in a fortnight.

The other question everyone keeps asking is why the sudden announcement? Surely, having your own doctors means they could've waited a little - and we doubt Kate is the type to jump on the band-wagon of announcing a pregnancy before the 12-week mark.

A source told Mirror UK that Kate and William only recently found out they were pregnant before the morning sickness started. Prince Charles and Camilla only found out a couple days ago along with other close friends and family. The source continues that they haven't reached the 12-week mark either, with speculation she is around 8-weeks pregnant.

On the early announcement the palace said, "It was felt that an announcement needed to be made because people would wonder why she couldn’t attend the engagement [at Oxford] today".

Either way, we are finally glad that we no longer have to judge each and every movement (and outfit) to see if she is pregnant. And instead, can now just fall in love with her next round of maternity fashion which will all make us want to get pregnant to wear them.

In true Kate style, she will most likely 'recycle' her maternity fashion, so CLICK THROUGH the gallery and let us know which look she looks best in (and which one you are hoping will make a come back - I vote the pink outfit).


Have you ever had acute morning sickness? Share your story below.

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