This could be Kate Middleton's most shocking outfit.

And we absolutely love it.

The Duchess of Cambridge is renowned for her sartorial choices but this one has shocked a few people.

Kate, 32, attended a Beaver Scout meeting in London on Tuesday to support the Scout Association’s “Better Prepared” campaign which helps struggling young people in deprived areas.

And like any expectant mum it was a choice of comfort over style for the event.

Yep. That's a hoodie she's wearing. And we still think she looks amazing.

At the meeting, Kate helped the kids earn their Disability Awareness Awards by participating in range activities designed to teach the children about living with a disability.

As well as helping the children ice a cake, Kate cut up a chocolate bar with boxing gloves, learned the Scout Promise in sign language, and helped children put a wet suit on blindfolded.

And while Kate has mastered her royal duties like a pro, it's clear there's one thing she can't do: decorate a cupcake while blindfolded.


She also had a crack at eating a bit of chocolate bar using chopsticks. "No pressure," the Duchess said, as the cameras focused on her.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Carlos Lopez-Plandolit the Beaver Scout colony leader, said, "It was amazing. She's really spontaneous. She's naturally gifted with children. I think she had a great time."


And if the Queen kicks up a stink about what she's wearing?

Image via Youtube.

I think we know who wore it better...

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