Kate Middleton just wore "the world's angriest dress" and people were rightly frightened.

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The Duchess of Cambridge just wore an offensive item of clothing and we desperately need to talk about it.

Offensive as in its… personality.

A dress so terrifying, the British public have gone into hiding.

Children cried. The people scattered. Animals scurried away to seek refuge in nearby trees and bushes.

Reports have also emerged it yelled at an old man on the bus, told a child off for singing in the supermarket. and pulled the tail of a stray cat.

But most of all – It. Just. Looked. Mean.

So mean, onlookers believe there’s a demon trapped inside of it, and an anonymous royal source has revealed the Queen will be calling for an emergency royal exorcism.

Twitter user Sairajasmin Davies said: “Someone wasn’t happy to be brought out of the wardrobe this morning,” before dubbing it the “world’s angriest dress”.


Still can’t see it? Here it is again:

I feel personally victimised by Kate Middleton's dress. Image: Getty.

The 37-year-old mum of three wore the bespoke £2,100 ($A3820) green Eponine shift dress while visiting a primary school in London as part of Children’s Mental Health Week.

...But social media users couldn't get past its angry-eyed pocket-face.

Others drew comparisons to the children’s character Evil Pea, which we understand to be a cartoon pea that is evil:



But don't worry everyone, we've made some improvements:

That's better. Image: Getty

You can all come out of hiding now.

We have saved you from the wrath of Kate Middleton's dress.