With one dress, Kate Middleton paid the perfect tribute to Princess Diana.

Everything that Kate Middleton wears is carefully considered. It has to be, with millions of eyes and paparazzi cameras trained on her every public appearance.

Her latest outfit worn on the eve of the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, arguably one of her most important, was no different.

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The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Prince Harry visited the Princess Diana memorial at her former home Kensington Gardens, to "allow the princes to pay tribute to the life and work of their mother," a spokeswoman for the Palace said.

Wearing a silk, floral Prada dress with a pussy-bow neck and a skirt that flowed to just above the calf, the Duchess gave the perfect tribute to the mother-in-law she never met.

So much more than just a floral dress. Image: Getty

The high neckline and pussy bow detailing was a frequent style worn by Diana in the early days and following her engagement to Prince Charles, while the poppy featured on the print has symbolised sleep and death in ancient mythology and since the First World War, remembrance.

The colours could also be taken as a nod to the Sunken Garden the group was visiting, which head gardener Sean Harkin has turned into a tribute with Princess Diana's favourite flowers including 12,000 bulbs of white roses, lilies and pale forget-me-nots.

Parallels drawn between the two in both fashion and as figures have been unavoidable, starting with their engagement photos with both Kate and Diana wearing sapphire blue.

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20 years on from Princess Diana's tragic death in Paris, people have been sharing their memories of her and several documentaries and programs examining her life and death have aired in recent weeks.

It seems it's not just Kate who wants to pay tribute to a woman they felt they knew, despite never meeting.

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