Even before they are born, Kate’s second child is involved in a royal scandal.

Welcome to the royal world baby. 

It is no secret that I am one of the biggest Kate Middleton fans you will ever come across. There are worse people to be obsessed with right?

And, of course, I have dragged my colleagues into my obsession with her upcoming second born. I’ve made them all bet on the gender and the baby’s first name (because they’re royal, they will have many names).

What’s at stake? Hot chips.

Now, seeing as though I am besties with Kate (she is yet to know we are so close), I know the baby’s gender and name. So I have an unfair advantage.

Baby girl. Alice.

But today, I feel like the hot chips have been robbed from me with the latest news of the scandal surrounding the name Alice.

We were as shocked as you Kate. Image via Getty.

Now, I'm about to give you a bit of a history lesson. Don't worry it will be short...

The Daily Telegraph says that King Edward VII had a mistress called Alice Keppel (a commoner).

Camilla, Prince Charles' current wife, is the great-granddaughter of Alice Keppel. And obviously, Prince Charles is related to King Edward VII.

Now that seems harmless enough, right? WRONG.

You see, while Prince Charles was married to Princess Diana, Camilla approached Charles with the alleged line:

"My great grandmother and your great-great grandfather were lovers. So how about it?"

Dedicated royal fans see the name Alice as reminding the world of the marriage break up of Prince Charles and Princess Diana (with pointed fingers at Camilla for starting the affair).

In addition, both Alice Keppel and Camila were married with two kids when they started their respective affairs with the royals. 

So nobody likes the name Alice anymore.

"Fools, you have no idea what I will call my child." Image via Getty.

To be truthful, there are reports that Kate and William don't even know the gender of their unborn baby. However, they are limited in the names they can choose. The names have to be British and royal - so someone in the royal blood line has to once have had the name. And apparently, not been associated with the marriage break up of Prince Charles and Princess Di. 

Now, if you want to play along at work, CLICK THROUGH the gallery for the baby names that Kate and William get to choose from.

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