We guarantee you've never seen Kate Middleton like this.

Kate Middleton has been given a Simpsons-style make-over.

Kate Middleton is one of our favourite style icons. So as a Simpsons character? We love her even more.

Italian artist AleXsandro Palombo has celebrated Kate’s amazing fashion style by transforming some of her most well-known looks into ‘Simpson-esque’ illustrations.

Kate wasn’t the only royal to be transformed either, with Queen Elizabeth appearing alongside her in some of the illustrations. One of the backdrops even includes Buckingham Palace.

We’re hoping Prince George will be the next royal to receive The Simpsons treatment.

Which one of Kate’s looks is your favourite?

SCROLL THROUGH the gallery to see Kate in her most iconic looks as a Simpsons character….

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Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant with her 15th child.

Leave Kate alone, she is MY style icon.