What radio host Kate Langbroek said to Stu Laundy before they went on air.

After The Bachelorette finale aired last week, radio host Kate Langbroek was one of the first people to interview Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy on her KIIS FM show, Hughesy and Kate.

It… didn’t exactly go well.

Later that day Langbroek posted a screenshot of them on Instagram with the caption, “She hates him”. She also added the hashtags #poorsophie #itsdone.

Media outlets very quickly deduced that Langbroek didn’t believe Laundy and Monk’s loved-up status was the real deal, because, well… she wasn’t exactly subtle about it.

Meshel Laurie, who interviewed the couple on The Project the same evening, appeared to share Langbroek’s sentiment when she re-posted her image with the caption “Thank God for (Kate Langbroek)”.

But now the plot thickens.

Stu Laundy appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show on Tuesday morning to tell his side of the whole saga, accusing Langbroek and Laurie of having “their knives out for me”.

Laundy explained that Friday was one of the busiest days he’s ever had, made more difficult by people doing their jobs “shooting” difficult questions at him.

Laundy said he felt uncomfortable when Laurie straight out asked on The Project if he and Monk were still together, resulting in an awkward televised exchange between the couple.

“It was pretty rude actually, but I was on live TV I just wanted to make a joke of it,” Laundy said.

She hates him. #bachelorette #poorsophie #itsdone #theproject

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Laundy then went onto claim he felt Laurie and Langbroek – whose names he couldn’t actually remember – were out to get him.

“I think her [Laurie] and Kate – and I’ve only just worked out Kate’s name as well – and I’m sorry if that sounds dismissive but I’m not in your guy’s world,” he told Kyle and Jackie O.

“It was kind of like they had their knives out for me… When I walked in the studio with Kate – Soph and I both saw it – she just went straight at me.”

Laundy said before they went on air, Langbroek told him she was not “sold on him”.

“This is before I was on the radio with Kate, she said ‘This is a scam and it’ll take a lot of convincing for me to believe you’ and then the next thing she’s smiling and on radio and I’m thinking ‘Oh God’,” Laundy said.

While Laundy might have not been accustomed to doing broadcast interviews, he sure knows now that he needs to be prepared for tough questions. That is, after all, the job of an interviewer. Langbroek and Laurie were only doing what they’re paid to do.

While they have not responded to Laundy’s latest comments, we don’t think this is the last we’ll hear on this whole are they/aren’t they saga.

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