Kate Langbroek talks about her bizarre feud with Schapelle Corby that we'd all forgotten about.

As Schapelle Corby prepares to return to Australia, many media outlets will likely be courting her for her story, but one person she almost certainly won’t be speaking with is Kate Langbroek.

Believe it or not, the convicted drug smuggler and radio personality have a beef that dates back almost as far as Corby’s 15-year sentence for trafficking marijuana. Seriously.

Langbroek retold her side of the story – which involves visiting Corby inside Bali’s notorious Kerobokan Prison with her friend Georgie – to her co-host Dave Hughes on their KIIS radio show yesterday afternoon.

Corby told hers in her 2006 memoir My Story – and she didn’t exactly give a glowing review of the pair’s first encounter.

Schapelle will soon return to Australia. Source: Getty

“I was feeling a bit blue, but they were right there and I didn’t want to be rude. I said hi, instantly recognising the larger woman and asking, ‘Do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar',” Corby wrote (Hughes read the snippet live on air).

“She said ‘I’m from the Gold Coast.’ She said her brother was a politician and he’d asked her to visit me to find out how he could help. My bullsh*t radar went off. It was absurd; why would a politician send his sister? I couldn’t get away fast enough. I made an excuse and fled."


In fact, Langbroek's brother is a politician, Queensland Liberal John-Paul Langbroek, but Corby still accused her of "milking" their meeting for publicity on her TV show The Panel not long after.

"She even had the insensitivity to make a big deal about my pimples," the 39-year-old wrote.

Kate Langbroek told her co-host Dave Hughes about the 'feud' yesterday. Source: Facebook

"Did she think I wouldn’t find out about her exploits, or did she just not care how I felt?"

But according to Langbroek, that's not quite how it went down.

Her friend Georgie backed her up on air too, labeling Corby's version of events and "absolute crock".

“It was lovely, it was really sweet,” the 51-year-old said of the meeting, adding she had given Corby lollies and tampons as a gift.

"Remember she said to us: ‘People always send me tampons, maybe they’re hoping I’ll bleed to death’ … she was funny!"

Georgie agreed: "From the first sentence, it is not what happened. Which makes you think that everything else ... Hmm.”

The mother-of-four also claimed she'd omitted her job title because she was on maternity leave at the time and only mentioned her brother because both he and Corby are from the Gold Coast.

"When I was on the Rove show, which was unrelated, he raised it — I didn’t go on the Rove show to talk about her. And I only mentioned her pimples to point out that she was looking quite stressed," she said.

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Corby has been living in Bali since she was granted parole in 2014 and is set fly home when her sentence expires on May 12.

“Why haven’t I been invited to the party?" Langbroek joked.