Kate Hudson farewells almost 20 centimetres of hair.

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There are haircuts you plan far in advance and mull over for a long time. And then there are haircuts you get on a whim. Kate Hudson just did the latter.

Chopping off approximately seven inches of luscious golden hair to be precise. On the night of the Golden Globes.

But while we may have regretted that mini fringe that took three seconds to decide on and eight months to grow out, we’re betting Hudson is more than happy with her new tousled bob.

So much so that she’s now taken it even shorter. Her long time hairdresser David Babaii shared this picture on Instagram.

(Image via Instagram/@davidbabaii)


Zing! What a refreshing chop - taking her long blonde locks higher and brighter.

She's pretty excited about the change too, telling Live! with Kelly and Michael: “I cut my hair! I was ready to cut my hair off. Why not? It’ll grow back,"

Our thoughts exactly.

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The 36-year-old actress entrusted Babaii to make the big change.


"Yes it's true I did cut off 7 inches of Kate's hair... Kate and I talking about cutting her hair. Me: 'Kate, I want to cut all your hair off.' Kate: 'Cool, let's do it.' Me: 'I mean like six to seven inches.' Kate: 'Sure, that sounds cool.' It's always that chill and easy with this beauty," Babaii wrote on Instagram.

Kate's new hair has us calling our hairdresser. (Image via Getty.)


“We cut off seven inches, I measured it. It’s a really modern, jagged, crazy kind of cut.” he added.

We love her classic bob - what do you think?