Kate Hudson's long blonde hair is the thing of the past. Now it's completely shaved off.

It’s time to get out the clippers, because buzz cuts are officially the hair cut of the year.

A bunch of celebrities including Cara Delevinge and Kristen Stewart have already lopped off their long locks this year and now Kate Hudson and her son, Ryder, have gone for the big chop.


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On Monday Hudson posted a photo to Instagram of her and Ryder, 13, with matching shaved heads.

In July Hudson cut off her long, blonde hair to get into character for her new role in the movie Sister.

How much would you pay for your hair? The Mamamia Out Loud team discuss, in the ‘Please Touch My Hair’ episode. Post continues after audio. 

Sister is written and directed by Sia and is based off a short story the Australian singer/songwriter wrote eight years ago about a sober drug dealer and his autistic sister.


The movie will also star Maddie Ziegler, the girl who infamously danced in Sia’s music videos for Chandelier, Elastic Heart, and Big Girls Don’t Cry.

Quick time-out! #SettingIntentions @maddieziegler

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Up until now Hudson has kept her new do on the down-low, wearing a blonde wig or a hat when she was out in public.

Would you get a buzz cut? 

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