Happy 4th wedding anniversary Kate and William.

Let’s relive the most beautiful fairy tale wedding ever.

What were you doing four years ago, today?

You were holding royal wedding party. Don’t be ashamed. we all did it. I actually got engaged 3 days before the wedding, so I eagerly watched the wedding for inspiration (but still claim that Kate Middleton stole my bridesmaids wear white idea).

Who didn't wear a veil for the wedding? Image via Getty.

So, to celebrate our favourite royal couple and their wedded bliss, we decided to relive it. Here are some of the best moments...

1. When Kate arrived. 

In that beautiful Alexander McQueen dress.

Kate arrives. Image via Getty.

2. When Pippa Middleton's bum became famous.

For good reason.

Pippa's bum. Image via Getty.

3. When Beatrice and Eugenie were compared to the sisters in Cinderella.

Such an unfortunate coincidence.

Image via Google.

4. When William told a joke to Kate and her dad.

Supposedly he said something along the lines of, thought I would just invite a few close friends (referring to the huge wedding guest list).

The sneaky joke. Image via Getty.

5. When the wedding guest list included Elton John and Posh Spice.

Not everyone has a Spice Girl attend their wedding.

The best wedding guests ever. Image via Getty.
The best wedding guests ever. Image via Getty.

6. When they rode in the horse drawn carriage like true royalty.

Leaving Westminster Abbey. Image via Getty.

7. When they kissed on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

The kiss. Image via Getty.

8. When Kate changed her outfit for her reception dress (which we also wanted). 

Dress number 2. Image via Getty.

9. When they left the reception in the best car ever.

Leaving the reception. Image via Getty.

And now, for all the photos, CLICK THROUGH the gallery for all the photos and in the comments below, share your best memory.

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