The 2011 Royal Wedding menu is a lot simpler than we imagined.

Image: Getty.

Caviar. Extravagant foams. Desserts with real gold foil. These are the things that come to mind when we imagined the menu at Kate Middleton and Prince William’s 2011 wedding reception.

It’s not like they’re short of a buck, right? But while the ceremony at the royal wedding was certainly an over the top (and beautiful) affair, it seems the private reception was much, much more down to earth than you’d expect.

A copy of the menu card from the couple’s private wedding dinner is currently being put up for auction, with bids starting at $1000.

So if you weren’t one of the 300 special guests invited to the intimate event (ours must’ve been lost in the mail…), now’s your chance to get a feel for the kind of fare that would’ve been served to the Queen and co.

The menu card is up for grabs. Image: Nate D Sanders Auctions.


It's not the incredibly thick cardstock (#paperporn) or even the mysterious tiny food stain near the bottom that's caught our attention about the card, but rather the details of the food that was eaten. It's just so simple.

There's no pointless foam, no croquembouche tower, no baby purple carrots sourced from outer Mongolia - just some fish, meat and three veg (even if one is asparagus) and some ice cream. In fact, we've seen more complex dishes on Masterchef. (Post continues after gallery.)

We know crabs and langoustines (which are a small type of lobster FYI) aren't exactly everyday fare and sauce Windsor is probably a little more fancy than your no frills brand of tomato sauce, but the fact remains - it seems like something you could whip up at home.

If only Kate's hair was as easy to recreate...

What did you dine on for your wedding?