You'll soon be able to buy glitter lipstick. Deeeeeep breaths.

Lovers of all things that sparkle and shine, rejoice.

Cult makeup brand Kat Von D has created a collection of glitter lipsticks in a rainbow of bold, bright colours – from pinks and reds, to aqua and gold – that they’ve been teasing on Instagram.

When Kat Von D Vice President of Product Development Nancy Macguire posted a video showing off an arm-length swatch of 11 distinct shades, fans of the brand got more than a little excited.

“Omg!!! Omg!!!!! When??? I love all of you goddesses at the Kat Von D Beauty headquarters! This looks amazing!” wrote one follower.

On first look here at Mamamia, we were immediately taken back to the time when all we wanted for our birthday was a glitter Lipsmacker.


No doubt this is the kind of 90s kid nostalgia the tattoo-artist-turned-makeup-entrepreneur is tapping into.

Sephora stocks the brand in Australia, so we should be able to expect to see these beauties hitting our shores. When, exactly, that will be is the question on everyone’s (currently glitter-less) lips.

So far all the creative team has said is “soon”. The day can’t come soon enough.

Listen: Unicorns, unicorns, everywhere.

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