41-year old “acquaintance” of Karlie Pearce-Stevenson charged with her murder.


Daniel Holdom was involved in a car crash that killed his girlfriend’s two children and left her wheelchair-bound just three months before he allegedly murdered Karlie Pearce-Stevenson at NSW’s notorious Belanglo Forest.

The Daily Telegraph reports that he was behind the wheel when the car rolled in northern South Australia on September 15, 2008.

The devastating crash on the Stuart Highway paralysed his girlfriend, killed her nine and six-year-old children and injured three other passengers – a woman, man and two-year-old child.

It’s believed Mr Holdom’s girlfriend is assisting police who are investigating the double murder of Ms Pearce-Stevenson and her daughter, Khandalyce.

Mr Holdom appeared briefly at Maitland Court today and was remanded in custody until November 12.

Police believe two-year-old Khandalyce was murdered a short time after her mother’s death.

Mamamia previously wrote:

It’s the case that has been gripping the nation.

There has been a major development in the murder of Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and her daughter Khandalyce with a man, arrested yesterday, charged overnight with the murder of 20-year old Karlie Pearce-Stevenson.

Police have charged a 41-year old man, who was arrested in Cessnock in NSW with her murder.

The man, named by News Limited as Daniel Holdom has not been charged with the murder of her daughter, Khandalyce whose body was found in a suitcase on the side of a highway in South Australia.


It is reported that he knew Ms Pearce-Stevenson and an unconfirmed sighting of the two together had last taken place in the ACT in December 2008.

Fairfax Media reports that the man, who has served time for child sex offences, is currently in Cessnock jail for unrelated crimes.


Police had been following a trail of fraud committed by a woman and a man who accessed Karlie Pearce-Stevenson’s bank account after her death. The woman at one stage called Pearce-Stevenson’s mother and convinced her to deposit money into the bank.

It was revealed yesterday that at one stage a woman in a wheelchair attended a bank impersonating Ms Pearce Stevenson.

The man has not been charged with the murder of Khandalyce.

Police have said that in June 2010 a woman in a wheelchair attended Australian Central Credit Union in Elizabeth in Adelaide, to update banking records. A woman then went to a compulsory interview at Centrelink in South Australia with identity documents. Police are trying to ascertain if it was the same woman.

A joint statement from SA and NSW police said  that hundreds of fraudulent transactions have been tracked across the ACT, South Australia, New South Wales and the Northern Territory between November 2008 and March 2012.

These included a KFC at Port Augusta, a McDonald’s at Rundle Mall in Adelaide, Coles at Alice Springs, Rabbit Photo and Strandbags at Mt Gambier, BP OTR at Broadview and an ATM at Kent Town.

The suspects used the single mother’s bank account on hundreds of occasions in four different states accessing $90,000 before the account was closed earlier this year.

Ms Pearce Stevenson’s remains were found at NSW’s notorious Belanglo State Forest in 2010. Her daughter’s remains were found in a dumped suitcase beside a South Australian highway in July.