Karl Stefanovic's mum shared a side to him we never see on TV this morning.

The Today Show were celebrating Mother’s Day on Friday – and what better gift could Karl’s mum hope for than embarrassing him with adorable childhood memories on live TV?

Karl’s mother Jennifer sat next to her son and, along with Sylvia Jeffreys and her mother Janine, shared stories about their children.

Jenny told Lisa Wilkinson that contrary to the public’s assumption that Karl would have been as loud and boisterous a child as he seems as an adult, he was actually a quiet child who “didn’t like to get his hands dirty”.

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“That’s probably a bit hard to believe. He wasn’t a noisy child. He did his own thing, played a lot of sports,” she said.

“He was outside hitting the cricket ball a lot. He played a lot with his brothers and his sister.”

One thing that hasn’t changed about Karl is his sense of humour.

Jenny revealed Karl was into acting and drama and won people over with his funny impressions.

“Drama was always Karl’s scene. He always had a sense of humour, which he has maintained,” she shared.

“The impressions of the doctor when he had been to the doctor, his school teachers and he would be able to really skit them and do a really good job.

“No one was safe.”

Karl with his mum Jenny when he was a kid. (Image via Today Show.)

Jenny also revealed that Karl had been "a bit naughty" and gotten a fake ID under the name Kevin Fresh.

However, even though she "sometimes" worried about her son, she was always encouraged by words from a teacher that have stayed with her for more than 35 years.

"It was quite amazing to think that when they are five and they are at prep that a prep teacher can say "I don't think you have to worry about this boy". All those years ago."

Meanwhile, Sylvia's mother shared stories from her daughter's teenage years, including the time her boyfriend's sneaky behaviour got him in trouble with the police.

Jenny and Janine dished on their kids. (Image via Today Show.)

Actually, the police came to our house twice because of Sylvia. The first time was when she had her first time was when she had her first boyfriend, Ollie.

"They were both about 18 and Ollie was from England, so he was staying with us. There was noises outside and I didn't know what - who was walking around my house."

Janine saw a figure sitting in a chair on her deck and called the police.

Then just as the police arrived I thought "It's probably Ollie, forgotten his key".

"These two big burly police officers arrived with their torch and shone it on this figure, and then Ollie got the shock of his life of course."

"That was the end of it for Ollie."

What's the most embarrassing story your mum has told about you?