Karl Stefanovic told off colleague Natalia Cooper over animal cruelty story.

Did she say it was funny?

Karl Stefanovic told his colleague Natalia Cooper that she’d “misjudged” a news story about a Spanish animal rights activist being beaten with a live duck on Today this morning.

Cooper read the story, about an odd Spanish festival in the town of Roses that involves ducks being thrown into the sea, then caught by swimmers.

An animal rights activist filming the festival told a woman that she was hurting a duck she was dragging out of the sea. So she hit him with the poor creature.

Watch the segment here… Post continues after video.

Cooper didn’t read the story with any hint of amusement, but Stefanovic took umbrage.

The mayor (which she weirdly pronounced “may-er” — what’s that about, Cooper?) is now considering banning the festival.

Here is a misleading picture of Natalia Cooper smiling. She really doesn’t endorse duck cruelty.

“That’s appalling,” co-host Lisa Wilkinson can be heard saying.


“That’s not funny at all. You’ve misjudged that, Natalia,” Stefanovic told her, as though she’d pitched it as the joke of the century.

“I’m not saying it’s funny,” Cooper said, laughing as though something was actually quite funny. “I’m saying it’s terrible and it should be banned.”

Karl Stefanovic told off Natalia Cooper. Natalia Cooper told him to leave her alone.

Stefanovic kept speaking saying to Cooper, “What did you say that Spanish town was called? Roses Duck?”

I have no idea what that means. It may have been an attempt at a joke. Or maybe he had a minor stroke?

Either way, Cooper had to shut it down.

“Karl, I have another story to read. Leave me alone,” she told him firmly

Stefanovic seemed relieved to have been put back in his place and the world continued to spin.

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