This morning Jennifer Hawkins gave Karl Stefanovic a spray tan

Image via The Today Show

Karl Stefanovic isn’t exactly pale in the first place. But this morning on the Today Show, Jennifer Hawkins came in and gave the host an eye-popping makeover.

The model, businesswoman and Myer ambassador was demonstrating her tanning range, J Bronze. And it turns out Hawkins is actually pretty handy with a spray gun.

After leading Karl into a portable spray-tan tent, J-dawg gave him the royal tanning treatment with truly Fabio-esque results.

Hey there, Stefanovic, you look like you’ve been roaming the Sahara desert for a decade or so. And your dehydration lines! You’re in dire need of some water.

Lisa Wilkinson was pretty impressed with the end result, saying that all Karl needed were some gold chains to complete the look.

For more spray tan transformations, check out this celebrity gallery:


What do you think of Karl’s makeover?

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