Karl Stefanovic: "No one is buying what you're selling Prime Minister...."


Well, this was an equal parts awkward and equal parts glorious interview.

Earlier this morning on the TODAY show, the Prime Minister made an appearance. Yes, the morning after he tried to hit the reset button. Yes, the morning after he ‘admitted’ what the public knew all along: The Prime Minister DID break his pre-election promise not to make cuts to the ABC.

Basically, Mr Abbott was hoping for a clean slate. And, likely, some nice and straightforward interviews on breakfast TV this morning.

This might have been all well and good. Oh, except that he was going up against one seriously ticked off Karl Stefanovic.

Karl started off his interview telling Mr Abbott that his Federal Budget was a “shambles”. It got better (or worse, depending on your point of view) from there as Karl continued,”every day it does get worse, it’s not getting better.”

When Mr Abbott tried to deflect tension by blaming political dissent on the Labor Party’s “feral mood”, Karl was quick to hit back that the Coalition’s behaviour was “fairly feral” during the election campaign too.

Yeah. He went there.

Karl: “No one is buying what you’re selling.”

The phrases”are you worried that you might be a one- term wonder” and “no one is buying what you’re selling” even made an appearance.


It was glorious television, which may as well have ended in Karl shouting ‘hypocrite’ at his guest.

“PM, he [Bill Shorten] says your policies are bad so why would he support them?” Karl said. “And if it worked for you, why would he do anything different?”


Tony: Oh, shit.



People on Twitter found the whole thing fairly hilarious. And yes, trust us, if you missed this live on air you’ll want to watch this video until the end.


Spoiler alert: The whole thing basically ends like this. Karl: 1. Tony: 0.

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