All of the signs that curiously point to yes, Karl and Jasmine are engaged.

As has been almost a monthly ritual for the last year, rumours of TV star Karl Stefanovic’s engagement to shoe designer Jasmine Yarbrough are swirling once again, this time with a little more carry and credibility to the whispers.

Stefanovic, who first met Yarbrough back in October 2016 five months after splitting from his wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thorburn, has consistently denied reports he has proposed to the 34-year-old.

This time, however, he is curiously quiet.

It all began earlier this week, when Stefanovic himself uploaded an image to Instagram of Yarbrough at what appears to be her birthday party.

He makes no huge attempt to hide the, well, blinding rock on her left hand, hinting that he is either more than happy for us to speculate, or that he has about as much stealth as a cow with a cup of tea.

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Some days later, after dodging the ensuing stories that included the wonderful kind of investigative work we did above (you know, zooming in) Yarbrough uploaded another photo to the platform.


This time, her left hand was in full view:

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Cue: A hell of lot more zooming in.

The comments section of this photo in question are telling, too. (If you have no life, hobbies or inclination to make better use of your time.)

For one, it's littered with messages of congratulations, not all from loyal Today Show fans, but some from those Yarbrough follows herself.

Add these facts to the notion the two have been together for a year - Yarbrough just turned 34 while Stefanovic is 43 - and probably have no desire to waste time or muck around.

Of course, other clues that suggest the two are engaged include the fact they're actually in a relationship, the fact we live in a free world and the fact love can be nice. So, too, can be formalising it.

We guess that's all. Congratulations to the happy couple - assuming that ring isn't costume jewellery and the two aren't spectacularly trolling our incessant curiosity in the love life of strangers.