Happy birthday Karl. Here's to 40 more years of this...


Today’s Karl Stefanovic turned 40 today.

This may be surprising to many, as his humour is that of a small boy’s. Not that we’re complaining. Without Karl we would be without some of the best morning TV going around.

To celebrate everything Karl, we have compiled his best moments into one definitive list.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KARL. Here’s to 40 more years of this…

1. The time he forgot to be sober on air.


2. The time he interviewed a cat.


3. The time he was talking to someone who accidentally caught a duck.


4. The time he lost it over the “long pokey thing”.


5. The time he changed his colleagues auto-cue.


Happy Birthday Karl!

If we’re lucky, Karl might stop by to read this post. Leave your birthday messages in the comments section below.