Karl Stefanovic had some appropriately fiery words for Cory Bernardi this morning.

As the nation anxiously awaits the results for the same-sex marriage survey results at 10am (AEDT), Today Show host Karl Stefanovic fired some last-ditch shots at No campaigner Cory Bernardi.

Appearing on the breakfast TV show on Wednesday morning with Yes campaigner Alex Greenwich for a very frank conversation about what’s next for the No camp if the country votes Yes, Stefanovic quipped that the right-leaning Independent Senator would not be receiving any gay wedding invitations.

Safe to say that Cory Bernardi won’t be invited to any gay marriages,” Stevanovic said, before the co-hosts commented on how much he’d be “missing out”.

Listen: Karl also called out the Prime Minister on live television last week, which had the Mamamia Out Loud team divided. Post continues after audio. 

It came shortly after Bernardi – who is refusing to vote for gay marriage even if the Yes camp wins the survey – said it was a “pretty safe bet” he wouldn’t be a guest at any same-sex weddings. Two words: His loss.

The former Liberal party member also stated to Stefanovic why, if your vote was a Yes, it doesn’t really matter all that much, because he’ll keep fighting for “religious freedoms” regardless of what Australians think.

[If the vote is Yes] we’ve always got to try and improve whatever legislation is going forwar-” Bernardi said, before Stefanovic interjected with a quick comeback.


“Improve according to who? The Australian people speak, they make their decision and then you alter it.”

Speaking on behalf of the millions of people gathered together in support of legislating marriage equality, Greenwich explained why, above all else, love will always win.

“Australians have come together like never before to more our country forward, not backwards and Senator Bernardi wants us to go. We are not going to go back to an Australia where we have a sign out the front of the shop that says who you will serve and who you won’t serve,” he said from the Official Sydney Results Announcement at Prince Alfred Park.

“Gay and lesbian people have had the bar raised continually for us. We’ve had the game changed constantly for us. Today, millions of Australians have joined us in saying Yes. Yes to a fair go, yes to getting on a doing this, if Senator Bernardi wants to keep on playing games with the lives of gay and lesbian people, that’s up to him.

“But I’m confident that just as the Australian people have come together, the Parliament will come together and finally do something good and make people happy by he end of the year and legislate by the end of the year.”

So are we.