We're worried about Karl. He's working too hard. In NYC. With models.

Won’t someone spare a thought for poor Karl Stefanovic?

Not only is he far from home in New York City, but he’s also had to spend his time entertaining a pair of models who are running him ragged.

Yes, the Today show’s Stefanovic, 40, is hard at work with the Hart sisters Jess, 29, and Ash, 25.

The three appeared very merry in a shot posted to Instagram by Ash Hart yesterday in which a laughing, open-shirted Karl was flanked by the Harts and 60 Minutes producer Steven Burling.

He’s there to shoot a segment for the Today show, or something.

Stefanovic’s known for his love of a night on the town, as documented by his drunken work on the Today show after the 2009 Logies.

Ash Hart commented on the picture, “what a night!!!! #NYC @kstefanovic @stevenburling 60 minutes with these legends would never be long enough.. #friendsForLife! Thank you touching these #Harts and allowing them to express. @1jessicahart #family #love #grateful.”

We asked Karl whether he was having a good time in New York. He thought deeply about it and then responded with something that looked very much like this:

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