Karl and Peter Stefanovic apologise for "stupid" phone conversation in Uber.

Karl and Peter Stefanovic have today apologised for comments made over the phone in an Uber, which were recorded by the driver.

Peter Stefanovic was sitting in the back of an Uber, talking to older brother Karl on speaker about his current Today co-host Georgie Gardner, entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins, and a number of Nine executives, when the driver illegally recorded the conversation.

As a result, the recording could not be sold to media outlets, however, it is reported New Idea will run a story on Monday about the contents of the conversation, as “recalled” by the Uber driver.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Karl said, “Pete and I were guilty of having a spray after a Sunday barbecue”.

“We talk a hundred times a day and hardly ever about work. Mainly about his terrible golf.

Mia Freedman interviews Georgie Gardner. Post continues after audio.

“But we did, and the conversation was recorded. And we are sorry. I was angry with myself at first that I could be so stupid.”

Karl added, “For the record, Georgie Gardner is killing it. She’s the best thing to happen to the show in years”.

Peter told the publication, “I did a silly thing and feel awful for any embarrassment I’ve brought to my colleagues, who I deeply ­respect”.

“I have spoken directly to the people involved and have offered my sincerest apologies as I have been raised to do: Do something wrong, apologise and try to move on.

“I am now investing in a hands-free ear piece and I gave the driver a one-star rating — but only because you can’t give a zero,” he said, while Karl joked he’d only be catching cabs from now on.

A spokesperson for Nine said, “Clearly it was schoolboy behaviour between brothers, but that’s no excuse”.

While Stefanovic has been in the Middle East on assignment since last Sunday, tomorrow he’ll be back at the Today desk – right next to Georgie Gardner and only a few feet from Richard Wilkins.

And it should be very interesting.

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