Karise Eden has so much news.

In a shocking case of womb-related upstaging, Kate Middleton has completely overshadowed another baby bun in the oven.

Karise Eden is pregnant. And releasing an album. And still here.

The winner of The Voice 2012 has somewhat slipped off our radar since that mega moment when she sang that song real good. But she’s back, and will release an album AND an infant before the year is out.

The 22-year-old revealed all her news in an industry showcase in Sydney last night, announcing that her first original album Things I’ve Done will be out in October. And then, just before breaking out the vocal chords, she touched her tummy and said “I hope we don’t wake this little fella”. If we remember her roaring voice correctly, she probably did. We have yet to get a statement from the foetus himself, but we speculate that he probably enjoyed it.

Karise’s first single, Dynamite, will be released this Friday, and her baby is expected in December. “I am super happy about finally releasing my own album and also becoming a mum soon. It’s a really exciting time for me,” Eden said in a statement.

Good on you, Karise. We can only hope that she will pay homage to the man who backed her through her journey on The Voice, and call her baby Seal. Everyone loves a baby Seal.

Aww. Baby seals.