The VERY unusual way Karen Walker stays fit and young

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Karen Walker is one busy woman. Not only is she celebrating the tenth anniversary of her eyewear line this year, the fashion designer and mother-of-one is involved in every aspect – from production to casting models – of her clothing, accessories and jewellery ranges.

We caught up with the New Zealand native while she was in Sydney to launch Celebrate, her brand’s latest sunglasses collection.

Wearing a red and pink printed dress from her ‘The League’ collection, the 44-year-old immediately divulges that she had a late night.

“I’m feeling a bit dusty,” Walker admits, although her skin is giving nothing away, in fact, it’s glowing. I have to ask what products are in her skincare arsenal to give her sleepless skin such luminosity.

“I love Osmosis. There are a lot of Osmosis bottles in my bathroom cabinet. I’m not even sure what all of them do, but I use them everyday,” Walker says.

“Aside from that, I love Aesop facial scrubs and masks - the Parsley Seed range is a particular favourite. I have a facial every once in while, which keeps me looking 21,” she says with a sarcastic laugh, “but mostly I don’t overindulge, I live a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet.”


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“No amount of facials or makeup is going to help you if you smoke or are going out every night. It’s going to catch up with you sooner or later.”

Walker reveals the best beauty advice she’s ever been given was not from her mother, or her facialist, but from her yoga teacher.

“My teacher once told me, every minute you stand on your head you get an extra five minutes of life.”

Walker practices Ivengar yoga, a form of Hatha yoga that focuses on uniting the physical body with the mind through the development of a series of poses (or asanas). A practice she does everyday - inversions (upside down poses) in particular.

“I try to do at least a five-minute shoulder stand or upstand everyday. The thing with inversions is you have to antidote it with a calming pose, so you don’t go nutty.”

“You have to listen to your body, my top things are get lots of sleep and do lots of yoga.”

Headstand anyone?

Take a peek through Karen Walker's full Celebrate eyewear collection below: