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A local councillor is selling photos of her boobs on Ebay.




Hey – if you’ve got ’em, use ’em. Right? RIGHT?

That’s the philosophy of a local government councillor in the UK, who has become famous for her not-so-subtle boob selfies, which she’s just started selling autographed versions of on eBay for ten pounds a pop:


The ad comes along with this description:

“Personalised Karen Danczuk signed Photo Cards, sprayed with my favourite Perfume! The photos are Postcard size and each photo will be personally signed, sprayed, scented and sent by me!”

Councillor Karen Danczuk, who also runs her town’s deli, was a relatively anonymous member of local government, until she started posting selfies on Twitter earlier this year. Selfies like this:








Now, there’s been a lot of outrage over Karen’s choice of self-portrait, with many saying that they think she’s a bad role-model for young girls. Others think she’s at least making politics look fun and appealing for those who otherwise never think of engaging with it.

Karen has defended the photos, saying she’s just trying building a profile and “You’ve got to work with what you’ve got!”

Whatever your thoughts on how appropriate it is for a councillor to be posting (and now selling) revealing selfies, we think there’s a much bigger issue at hand:

Is anyone going to point out that she has a massive case of the humble brags?

“Just took this while drinking a nice cup of tea” *CLEAVAGE*

“Just had some tasty carbonara” *CLEAVAGE*

Hey – if you’ve got them and you want to flaunt them, that’s your prerogative. But at least don’t pretend like the tweet is about your pasta.








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