Kardashians remind world of importance of nakedness on Mother's Day.

We saw cute selfies with babies. Sweet #throwback photos with mums. Our feeds were filled with new mums, old mums, mums that have passed and mums that are now grandmothers.

Mother’s Day on social media was a mix of loving messages and fond memories and nostalgic photo filters.

Except… except for the Kardashians.

For the Kardashians, Mother’s Day equalled… near-nudity?

“Thank you to my babies for choosing me and allowing me to be your mom,” Kim Kardashian posted to Instagram alongside a photograph of her, her bikini, and her two babies.

“You’ve given me a deep love I can’t explain. I’m always here to teach you and protect you! Thank you for making my Mothers Day so special!”


Then there was Kourtney.

I’m not sure what crouching in the jungle in the dark does for Mother’s Day (except as a shout out to “mother nature”) but all I can think about is the LEECHES.

Kourtney Kardashian mightt not be aware, but leeches love dark, damp forestry (that is not a euphemism) and she is right where they love to be. In the nude. In the dark. On Mother’s Day. Why?

mother nature

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Finally, the mother of all Kardashians, Kris, celebrated by posting some happy snaps of her clan followed by a video montage of a recent family holiday.


Sounds wholesome, right? Until you realise that, too, INVOLVES NUDITY.

Surely, watching your 38-year-old daughter film a nude hair-flicking pool segment is not quite the fond memories and sweet sentiment that we’re used to on Mother’s Day…

Ready for part two of our Costa Rica family vacation!! 9/8c tonight on E! #KUWTK #family #kuwtksunday

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So there you have it. The Kardashian family has reminded the world of the importance of nakedness — on Mothers Day, naturally.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?