The Kardashians have re-created their opening credits after 10 years. That is all.

To think there was ever a day where a Kardashian – or five – wasn’t spamming our news feeds with selfies, products and pouts.

How on earth did the world turn without them?

This month marks 10 years since the famous family to end all famous families burst onto our radar with their self-titled – and not at all self-indulgent – TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

So, to mark the occasion, the family have re-created their season one opening credits with a few more splashings of cash and far less fake tan, but equal amounts of family politics.

Here’s how it went down:

  • We start, naturally, with the matriarch Kris flying in a helicopter. I assume this has some hidden, underlying message around the fact that she is a helicopter parent/has lots of money/always flying above everyone else.
  • Then we turn to Kourtney, who is lying by a pool while a pool boy cleans said pool. I don’t know what this means. Oh, and her bikinis are nice.
  • We then pan to Khloe, who is doing weights and working out, to reminded us that #fitness is now her #brand.
  • Kendall is behind the scenes of a fashion shoot, because she is a very famous model. She has walked for Victoria Secret, didn’t you know?
  • Kylie is next! Wearing big sunglasses behind the wheel of a fancy car. Metaphor. They want us to know she likes life in the fast line. I think. Maybe. Eh.
  • And then, well, Kim is pretending to be a mannequin. A stylist is dressing her with an outrageously bedazzled onesie kind of thing. It doesn’t make much sense until she meets her family, they all wear black as if they’re rolling up to a funeral, and her diamond encrusted outfit stands out. Literal star of the show, now and always.

Oh, and want to know how far they’ve really come? Check out their very first season-opening credits in the video below…

Amazing scenes.