These are the presents the Kardashians unwrapped on Christmas day.

Just when you thought you did pretty well on the gift front this Christmas, the Kardashian-Jenner family comes along and reminds us all of our mere mortal status.

Sharing their respective hauls across multiple social media platforms, the present giving began at an all-time high with momager matriarch Kris Jenner, who received a white 1956 Thunderbird by her six children.

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“So surprised I seriously have no words for this spectacular gift from my kids……thank you family,” the 61-year-old wrote alongside an image of the car shared to Instagram.

Also in the image was a red 1956 Thunderbird with a bow on its hood which was given to Kris’ mum and the kids’ grandmother, 83-year-old Mary Jo “MJ” Shannon.


MJ also found herself the proud owner of a new (red, of course) Mercedes SUV.

Because… um… well, why not? Right?

Next up was Kris’ boyfriend, Corey Gamble, who was caught by surprise when he discovered a fully-restored 1960s midnight blue Ford Mustang waiting for him in the driveway.

Sharing the discovery on her Snapchat account, Kylie Jenner cried, “look at what my mom got Corey. This is so tight.”


We couldn’t agree more, Kylie. We couldn’t agree more.

Kourtney’s maybe-current-sort-of-sometimes-ex boyfriend, Scott Disick was also the recipient of some almighty gifts from the family, with Kylie and her boyfriend Tyga gifting the father-of-three a Patek Philippe watch and Cartier lighter.


Khloe got on the Patek Phillippe train, buying a similar watch for her boyfriend Tristan Thompson, as well as a Lorraine Schwartz smiley-face bracelet.

“Look how big it is,” Thompson ever-so-observantly said in a Snapchat video.


Khloe also did well in the present stakes, sharing videos of her gifts from Kris – two original photographs of Marilyn Monroe shot by legendary photographers Bert Stern and Richard C Miller.

Both images are signed by the photographers, and as Khloe explained on Snapchat, “If anyone knows me they know I have a true obsession with Marilyn Monroe.”


The 32-year-also shared video footage of some of the most extreme-glam heels we’ve ever seen, gifted to the fitness fanatic by none other than Jennifer Lopez.

“Khloe – girl you are looking so amazing!! Get some revenge in these,” the card read. Putting the gold leather and jewel encrusted heels on, Khloe can be heard saying, “I feel like a badass Cinderella.”


Not to be outdone, supermodel half-sister Kendall Jenner found something under the tree that most of us could only dream of… a puppy.

Yep, baby sister Kylie gifted the 21-year-old an all white Italian greyhound, which frankly looked petrified by what was going on around it.

And because it’s Christmas (and at Christmas you spend all the money you can humanly imagine), Kylie Jenner had Santa to thank for not one, but THREE new Hermes handbags. The insurance on which probably costs more than the average annual income…


Noticeably absent from the present ceremony were Rob Kardashian and fiancee Blac Chyna, as well as Kim Kardashian West and husband Kanye West, who it is understood had low-key celebrations at their homes throughout the festive period.


Kim did, however, make her way to Kris’ annual Christmas Eve party, rocking a gold dress and lip ring. Forever the fashionista of our hearts, Kim.

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How the family is planning to top this in 2017, we’re not really sure. By then trips to the moon might be available, right?