It was Kanye's birthday. So Kim blindfolded him, and filmed the whole thing.

Hiring out a football stadium is no big thing.

Kim Kardashian, quite possibly the richest person alive (unconfirmed), has just upped the birthday party game to one million percent after spending a reported $110,000 on husband Kanye West (also known as Ye, Yeezy, God and anything else he comes up with).

Surprising? Definitely not. But extravagant? Uh, yeah.

Kim, 34, hired out LA’s Staples Center for Kanye’s 38th birthday on Monday. She drove him there blindfolded. She invited a million of their closest friends and relatives, including Kanye’s barber, a distant cousin, and known-ratbag Justin Bieber.


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John Legend performed – they’re really good friends, if you didn’t know. He sang Happy Birthday while Kanye blew out some candles and Kim stood back and basked in the glory of the night she had meticulously planned (with the help of eight assistants).

There was a basketball game. One team wore jerseys with WEST printed on them. The other team wore EAST. Original, you guys.


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There were also approximately 1300 selfies taken throughout the night, all from terrible angles because this family doesn’t believe in selfie sticks apparently.

See all the photos and videos from the night below. Post continues after.

Kim brought along most of her family – Khloe, Kourtney, Kris and Kylie are pictured in photos. Rob Kardashian, Kendall, Caitlyn and the other Jenners either didn’t show or didn’t participate in the mandatory selfie.

Kanye looked like he had a great time. Good work, Kim. You just out-birthday-partied Taylor Swift.

Thank you Staples Center for the most amazing birthday party for Kanye!

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Click through the gallery below for photos of Kim and Kanye.

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